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What is the Antigermix?

Technology that is light years ahead

Based on UV-C, Antigermix® is a high-tech platform that replaces all toxic chemicals by harnessing the power of photonic light

What makes the Antigermix different?

The principles behind Antigermix philosophy is superior technology to answer an old problem. By harnessing the power of photonic light,the Antigermix 

negates the need for toxic and outdated chemicals which are damaging to staff, patients and the environment. These are 

summed up in Antigermix's 3 core principles:


No chemical risk to
staff and patients


Non-corrosive to
ultrasound probes


90 second process
from start to finish

We believe no staff members should be subjected to toxic and harmful 

chemicals as part of their daily routine. 


The Antigermix uses no chemicals therefore there is no need to manage staff exposure. The risks associated with processing and handling chemicals is eliminated.


There are no risks associated with high temperatures, such as thermal or chemical burns.

As there are no airborne toxins produced, there is no special ventilation requirements such as fume cabinets and air quality monitoring.

The Antigermix is a safe solution for both staff and patients.


We believe sensitive ultrasound probes should not be damaged as part of the high level disinfection process.


As no chemicals are used within the Antigermix, there is no risk of ongoing corrosive damage normally seen by chemical methods.

UV-C is non-corrosive and safe to use, even on the sensitive polymers of the probe cable.

UV-C can sometimes (polymer dependent) cause slight discolouration of the probe cable, however this happens in the very first instance and is in no way damaging to the probe.


We believe High Level Disinfection for patient safety should not affect clinician workflow.

UV-C is ultra-quick and high level disinfection is achieved in 90 seconds. Allowing you more time with your patients.

No complicated steps

No warm up times - the Antigermix is ready to go when you are.

One button push workflow makes training of new staff a seamless process.

No more 8+ minute wait times


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